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NaruNeji Fanfic-blah

Title: The Weight of the Sky
Pairing: NaruNeji/NejiNaru
Fandom: Naruto
Theme Set: Gamma
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I am, currently, high on sugar and not drugs and as long as sugar does not induce hallucinations of any sort, I have to admit that I do not own Naruto. Aren't we all relieved?

A/N:... Fran..? This is actually for you...I know that it's not your OTP and that you're currently Hetalia obsessed, but this is all I could do. I hope that you will like this at least somewhat...writing isn't my strength uû And it's not yet finished...I don't always know what sentences to take...Vv and have not proof read this thing and and and -- *laughs*

01 – Ring
After he had crushed the necklace, he had not expected to owe anything of worth ever again, however, the ring gleaming on his finger proved him oh so wrong.

2 – Hero
It seems unfair, somehow, that Naruto has to do so much, bleed so much, hurt so much to be accepted as the hero he is, while all Neji has to do is cook the blond a meal to be seen as someone to be adored by the other.

3 – Memory
Naruto's memory is not the best, he tends to forget a myriad of things(like the pain and the hate and the despair he is supposed to feel), but he always remembers to kiss him in the mornings.

4 – Box
With all his posession packed into boxes Naruto feels lost and small, but Neji takes him to the place where he is wanted, and while he can't say that everything is alright, they know that it is going there.

5 – Run
Naruto has too much engery to walk, but Neji can see him even when he runs ahead and that is okay, because he is not running away from him in the first place(both agree that they have hidden and denied and almost-lied way too long).

6 – Hurricane
Konoha has, until this day, never been haunted by hurricanes, so when his windows rattle and the sky darkens, Neji opens the door and heads toward the training field, knowing already who he will find there.

7 – Wings
Neji has stopped wishing for wings, because there is not really a place where he would rather be.

8 – Cold
Looking out of the window this morning, there is nothing as cold as the knowledge that he is going to leave today.

Naruto's eyes can be hard and cold, like the sky in winter, like the sky bevor it is torn open by snow, but Neji still  does not stray from his side.

9 – Red
As a Hyuuga he does not take kindly to red eyes, especially not if they are sitting in Naruto's tanned, beloved face.

10 – Drink

Naruto can't get drunk, no matter how much alcohol he consumes, so Neji invites him over for tea instead and waits for them to be intoxicated by their chaotic feelings.

11 – Midnight
Naruto is nocturnal, and often wants the weirdest things at night, the kisses he demands, however, are something Neji wants as well, no matter the time.

12 – Temptation

Neji looks at him again, all truth and glass and strength, and Naruto is tempted to start seeing the possibilites, tempted to start seeing what the other has never truly hidden away.

13 – View
The view from the Yondaime's head is spectacular, but has lost, with the revelation of his origins, it's magic; nowadays it is Neji's presence by his side that calms him down and makes it easier to breathe.

14 – Music
Everybody knows that it is love when the two of them listen to the radio and end up with the very same song stuck in their heads.

15 – Silk
Naruto dislikes wearing silk robes, dislikes being forced to act as someone else, it is only the knowledge that Neji still sees him, no matter the disguise, that makes him brave this.

16 – Cover
They could use the covers, but Naruto is warm enough for both of them.

17 – Promise
Sometimes Neji wants their promise to be special, wants it consequentally to be unique, but then, with another quick glance he sees all the love Naruto earns and decides, that yes, he can live with being one of many because this (his laughter, his savety, his dream)is what matters, this (the best, always and everywhere simply the best)  is what he wants for the other.

18 – Dream
It used to be Naruto's dream to become Hokage, but then he grows, is respected without attaining the title and it is no longer only his, but the villagers', Neji's dream for him to be the protector they have not really deserved.

19 – Candle

He leans forward, pressing their chests together and the breath he exhales makes the candleflame flicker, similiar to the thing stumbling in his chest that is trying, almost violently, to crawl up his throat and make him--.

20 – Talent
Talent has always been important (for him and everybody else and their uncle, Naruto once said almost jokingly), because with it he could defend his pride, now talent matters because with it he can protect the person he sees first thing in the morning, and wishes to see forever more.

Talent has always been important, but now he realises, that talent does not matter where it concerns love, and while they stumble they refuse to falter and he knows that time is all they need.

21 – Silence

Neji is a calm person, but he does not mind Naruto talking about his day, instead he listens to the trivialities and hears the things that matter; silence could never be this gratifying.

22 – Journey
They often go on journeys, but they never get lost, their eyes are simply too good to not see the home they have built and can alwas return to.

23 – Fire
He dislikes fire, it consumes what gave life to it and exhausts what it loves; Neji is determained to never drain the thing he cherishes most.

24 – Strength
One could almost be afraid of how strong they have made each other.

25 – Mask
"Take it off"
he hisses, snaps, prays and his fingers slip beneath the porcelain but are usatisfied still, will continue to be as long as there is any layer of untruth, of secrecy between them (he thinks that it's childish and fears that it's love).

26 – Ice
When, after months, Naruto finally manages to create an ice attack(with wind and water and blood and determination), Neji is there to see his accomplishment and also the tears Naruto does not shed (there are memories that he is no part of, but he rather cares about the present where he can reach for his partner and actually touch him).

When they meet again in this city that is bleeding white all over their feet, Neji feels warm, even when it will be a long time before this winter passes, he has seen the future in those eyes before and sees it still.

27 – Fall
It is spring in Konoha, so it is only natural that there are people falling in love, people falling in rivers and, of course, people doing both things almost simuntaneously(it's also only natural that Neji is not amused).

28 – Forgotten
The door opens before it has the chance to fully close and Naruto, saying (claiming) that he has forgotten his key gives him another kiss; Neji sighs over the excuse and the eratic behaviour of his lover but cherishes the moment and smiles in glass-like gentility.

It takes forever to get Naruto to celebrate his birthday, but Neji has not forgotten a single one where the blond did not celebrate and plans to make up for it.

29 – Dance
Naruto only starts to progress in his dancing lessons when Neji replaces his former teacher; he is, after all, the one person the blond trusts enough to lead him.

30 – Body
Naruto, Neji thinks, has no regard for his own body and that is why, when he finds the two of them entangled in half-formed thoughts and sheets, he  takes his time, why he, even when it is making him curse under his breath, refuses to indulge in the frenzy that could have the two of them tearing each other apart.

31 – Sacred
Even with mayhem and blond ninja included, inanimate objects are simple to keep clean; people however, with their chalk hearts and milk minds and easily torn paper souls are easy to change, to bend beyond recognition (how Naruto manages to treassure them and safe them was anyone's guess; Neji at least was not surprised).

What Neji finds out early about Naruto: Most people stay in the city and gaze, adoringly at the Hokage monument, whereas Naruto climbs said hills and gazes, just as adoringly at the city with it's limitless possibility and it's steady but wild heartbeat.

32 – Farewells
Naruto often conventily forgets to come and say goodbye.

33 – World
There is a world yet to see, a thousand things to learn but Naruto is, for now, content with being here, with Neji and it almost murders the later, when the blond focuses all the energy meant for the world solely on himself( murder has never been this sweet, he thinks later, or this sticky).

34 – Formal
They sit across the delicate girl, all stiff and distanced and ill at ease, and Naruto hates the formality but even more the sadness coiling in her eyes.

35 – Fever
Naruto does not get sick, he gets wounded, but Neji gets sick- as well as wounded- and Naruto can not blame his blurry vision, or lack of mind on the fever.

36 – Laugh
Neji does not laugh often and when he does the loss of control is worrisome, almost as much, maybe even more so, than the frozen look on Naruto's face afterwards.

37 – Lies

"No, you don't speak in your sleep, honestly."

38 – Forever
They do not claim that they will be together forever, but they know that they will do their best.

39 – Overwhelmed
When those that matter gather only a short time after the relevation (the proverbial closet having being burned to silver ashes) to help them finish renovating, he feels overwhelmed while Neji feels proud.

40 – Whisper
Brushing his mouth against his ear, he says something, silently, and makes him swallow around the sob lodged in his throat.

41 – Wait
Saying the word would be cheating them both.

42 – Talk
Neji talks more with Naruto than anyone would believe; he even speaks to him when he needs guidance and the blond is not anywhere but in his thoughts.

43 – Search
Neji is good at finding things, so it only takes him 13 years and a few broken bones to locate what the majority of people search for their entire lives but never truly see(it is granted, that he does not plan to let go, ever).

44 – Hope
They do not need hope for they have confidence.

45 – Eclipse
Neji stands outside while the eclipse casts everything in darkness, Naruto, he knows, will find him even now, will find him no matter what.

46 – Gravity
Between the ground, the harsh pain of reality that draws him near and himself is always the one person who loves him the most, ready to catch and to steady him.

47 – Highway
They do not know what highways are and it does not matter, because Naruto will chose a way and Neji will trust his decision, will trust the boy with this chlorblue eyes and the hot-iron grin.

48 – Unknown
His muscles clench and twitch where those hands touch him, his breathing is irregular and tumbles wildly though his throat; he swallows, gasps and the look in those eyes is new, unknown and mind-meltingly beautiful.

There are the things one can study and things one has to experience, living with Naruto, of course, falls in the later category.

49 – Lock
Some people lock the things they treasure away, whereas Naruto and Neji set them free (because, really, it is not as one-sided as Neji believes it to be).

50 – Breathe
It's calming, that warm, regular breath whispering against his neck, and while he listens to it , spooned by another body, he begins to fall asleep, knowing that his dreams will be pleasant but nowhere near as wonderful as this moment between time.




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May. 14th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
ok, going to be long comment, sweety :3 (btw, i only just now saw the post under this one where you mentioned me. sorry, i don't usually check LJ entries at all, unless it's community entries, i only checked your LJ oncebefore to see if you wrote in there as a way to contact you).

XD ok, actual comments start now.

whilst most of the one-word prompts hit something deep inside me, certain ones hit it harder than others, so i will comment on those. i really love how, with one single word prompt, and such short lines, you delineated beautifully their relationship and a lot of what it can feel like, as if painting a whole painting with only a few strokes (which is actually a kind of painting style i love).

the 2 is beautiful. :/ it's so true, too. 8 is powerful, i like the mental image it brings to me. 12 is really sweet and hopeful, i like the implications of slowly building trust. <3

13 has tons of implications and truth revealed and it's sweet how naruto's anchor becomes neji instead of that head.

i think that by far, 18 is my favourite. it depicts exactly what i've always thought, too, about naruto and his dream and how his determination brought others to see he's worth it and i can even FEEL the pride of neji as he states this, too.

20, too, touches me deeply. how their relationship and everything has problems and fanterings but they both keep moving on, and fighting, despite everything, and strive forwards, and that's how real life is, and how it should go, and it's just perfect. *hearts*
24 brings forth another thing i believe on how love really makes you stronger ;_;

26 breaks my heart. it's painful but neji's the one looking forwards and wanting to just being there, unmindful of what happened in the past becausenow he's there and he can BE there. *hearts more*
27 made me chuckle out loud. it's so endearing and i can just picture it in my head X3 37, Too x3 also makes me curious as to what he tells in his sleep :3

28, 30 and 31 are too beautiful for words. they left me speechless.it's amazing how you can convey something like this and make it so real and powerful and UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL.

34 is ouch. but she'd want them both happy.

38 is so realistic it hurts my heart, but it's also endearing and the only best alternative to forever. actually, it's way better than forever, because it shows how you fight for that happiness, every day.

41 and 44 also made me feel so warm inside ;_; annnnd 48 and 50 left me also breathlessly in love with all of those.


so awesomely beautiful ;_; thanks thanks thanks thanks. really, thanks *dies*

sorry for this sucky commentary *goes to re-read them again*

May. 17th, 2009 12:58 am (UTC)
These are very beautiful. Just what I like from this pairing, 2 ninjas with deep scars in their heart who find each other and understand each other in deep profound level. Their love won't be easy, but there comes the beauty.
May. 19th, 2009 08:13 am (UTC)
I love this, really I do!! *^_^*

It rings so true and so intimate, it's beautiful. It makes my heart ache, but in a good way. It's the kind of fic that make you feel like you've received a good punch in the stomach; I obviously mean it as a compliment! *^_^*
My personal favourites are: 18, 20, 21, 23, 31, 32, 37, 42, 43, 47, 49

Now, if you want criticism, some drabbles are a bit weaker than the others, and you might want to do some editing to give them more impact, but really, it's secondary and the fic is very good as it is
While I like the idea, I'm not so sure about 1, it doesn't look like a very Neji thing to do, I don't know, it's just too... romeantic for him I guess. Well, it's just my opinion ^_^

Anyway, good work and thanks for sharing!
May. 2nd, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
awww so cute. Thank you for writing these naruneji fics!
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